Think small. Sometimes big problems require small solutions.

We are working to develop a small device to help millions of women: the Upsilon IUD.

While we are working to develop and test the Upsilon IUD, we hope you will share our excitement that a new IUD, without hormones, without copper, and that finally conforms to the anatomy of the uterus will soon be available in the United States and around the world.

What Is Upsilon?

No Copper. No Hormones.

We have designed a device unlike anything before. Our device will be produced with an outer membrane of non-reactive materials. No copper. No hormones.


The Upsilon IUD conforms to the shape of the uterus, minimizing irritation and maximizing comfort.


Decreased risk of dysmenorrhea and perforation, affordable, convenient replacement schedule, increased comfort.

Historical Advantage

In 1969, our CEO’s grandfather created an inert IUD used globally by tens of thousands of women until his passing. We have access to historical development documents and the experts who assisted with the design and implementation of the historical device.

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Noteable Reviews of the Historical Device

“We can assume that the efficacy of the treatment in the prevention of
reformation of intrauterine adhesions after their release by curettage is mainly by its configuration
in the shape of a Y. It is our impression that the Soichet
IUD is superior to the usual IUDs in use as contraceptives.”

D. Weinstein, MD

“The use of the Soichet-ypsilon uterine fertility modulator in patients with uterotubal pathology
could constitute a new approach in the therapy of infertility. It deserves further application and

—Milton Nakamura, MD, Mario Saito, MD, Kazue Harada, MD

“Results were so encouraging that the device is now available for general use.”

The Family Circle Inc.

“It was one of the best things that has ever happened
to me…There was no anesthesia, no pain. For three years I’ve felt absolutely nothing. I forget for
weeks or months that the device is even there. That single simple act of insertion was the entire