It has been Antonella’s passion for the past four years to conduct research on intrauterine devices, more specifically the Ypsilon Intrauterine Device invented by her grandfather Dr. Soichet. She has always been intrigued by medicine, initially pursuing a degree in biology at Columbia University before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania where she conducted research on women’s health. She also completed many internships in the medical field at NYU Hospital as well as private Ob/Gyn offices. Antonella’s interest in health and medicine stemmed from when she was just five years old, caring for her mother who was diagnosed with melanoma. Since then Antonella has been inspired by her family history to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. Her grandfather, an Ob/Gyn, made great contributions to women’s health. Antonella will bring the Upsilon IUD device to market and offer the women of the world the contraceptive choices they deserve.

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